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J’adore Paris


So I’m back from Paris! I had an amazing weekend exploring the wonderful city that I just love so much! I kinda wish I had studied abroad there for the semester instead of Florence. (Even though it is much colder there and they eventually get the snow.) The city is just newer…it has a feel similar to New York City while still having a huge sense of history. The people in Paris aren’t just all tourists–Florence is a place that seems to run off the tourist culture.
I spent the weekend climbing the Eiffel Tower, shopping down the Champs Elysees, exploring the Catacombes, photographing the graves at the Pere Lachaise Cemetery, and wondering around the city. I went by myself and stayed in a hostel for the first time. All the other people in my room were really nice and traveling alone. Many were actually traveling for months on end around Europe. I met a lot of great people and heard a lot of great stories.
Now I’m back in Italy and need to get back into the swing of things here.

Not Just Another Teen Movie


The Art of Getting By (2011) is about a high school boy who thinks that life is about more than just the mundane things of high school. I have to say that I really enjoyed this film–I always like these quirky, indie, character-driven movies that Emma Roberts has been doing lately. The characters are normal people–so much more relatable than the big blockbuster type movies. Fredie Highmore (who I will always think of as a little kid because of Peter in Finding Neverland) plays a character who isn’t “normal.” But the way he is perceived, he is a normal teenager. He;s looking for something, for himself. High school is all about feeling like an outcast. And here that’s seen as a good thing. He finds what is important to him and that’s really the only thing in life that matters.



Oh How TV Can Make My Life Great


Dexter came back last night!!! I’M ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED WITH THIS SHOW–probably my favorite show ever!!!!! 


Also last night there were real tweets going out that there WILL BE NEW EPISODES OF ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT WILL AIR and there will be a movie!!! The show was canceled way too soon–more people watch it now then back when it was on! Will Arnett even confirmed it!! SO FREAKING EXCITEDDDDDDDDDDD

Just Wanting to be Missed


Sometimes I just wish my friends from home would miss me. I don’t know, maybe they do but they sure don’t act like it. Most of them can’t spare two minutes to chat online and even when we set up Skype dates, they just blow them off. I don’t want to sound like I think everything is always about me…I don’t. It’s just that sometimes I have a hard time being so far away for so long–it would just be nice. Last semester I had a best friend study abroad in Ecuador. She didn’t enjoy it too much and I tried to always be there for her if she wanted someone to talk to/bitch to and I would try to let her know that I was thinking about her. I even do that now with my friends back home–and most of the time they don’t even respond. It just really sucks. I am having a good time here (I definitely need to start doing more) but I still miss home a lot. And most of all I miss my friends and family. I have friends here but it feels like freshman year–you make a lot of friends because everyone is in the same boat, all looking for friends and you’re not picky and when second semester comes around, you start to weed out the people that you aren’t actually friends with. Most of my friends from school I’ve had since freshman year but I don’t talk to half of them anymore. We just don’t have much in common. I feel like I’m starting to feel that way here–not that I have many options around here. My mom always says that you can do anything for four months–it’s one semester and I can handle anything for that small amount of time. I just miss home and my family and my friends–I just wish I was missed too.

Kicking Procrastination’s Ass


I have a really really really bad habit of putting things off until the last possible moment. I wish I could be one of those people that live today because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring but I can be really lazy sometimes and always think, I’ll just do that tomorrow. For school I got into the really bad habit of starting my papers at 1 am the morning before it was due…even if it was a 10 page paper. My worst moment had to be the weekend I had to write 50 pages! (Even though I had the whole semester to work on it.) My freshman roommate was the same way so we would just stay up all night together getting things done by pulling all nighters (we would stay awake for one another for support) but I’ve just been getting worse each year.

Well I’m trying to get out of the habit–I really am. (And for once, I’m not using my blog or facebook or email as a way to procrastinate!) So I figured that I was going to do my paper this weekend that is due later this week. AND I DID IT! I had time to watch my movie (the entire thing), outline, write, edit and rewrite. Let me tell you, this was the first time I’ve done that almost all four years of college (well the last three–it’s still the beginning of the fourth) and it felt so good! I hope that I can keep this up for the whole semester (and next semester too!)