Class Irritation


I haven’t been back to school for even a month yet and I’m already over the school year! My Italian class was fun to begin with but I’m having a hard time keeping up with her sometimes. She is all over the place and looks at you like you have 10 heads when you don’t understand what she’s saying–it’s beginners Italian! My Renaissance art history class is fine for the first hour but then unbearable during the last hour and a half. And then 30 minutes later, I have hidden messages in Italian Renaissance art–with the same professor. I actually really like the class but I get a little restless because of the previous class. And my professor is Italian so it can be very difficult to understand what he’s saying. But those are the good classes compared to my Italian cinema and Italian broadcast classes. I love learning about international film studies but the professor really irritates me sometimes. When he is lecturing about the cinematic history, he’s fine. But then we screen a film and he talks through the ENTIRE film. I like to notice things on my own and I like to just be left alone to watch a movie. I could have really enjoyed that movie but I checked out after he talked through the first 10 minutes and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. So that leaves my Italian broadcast class–it’s kind of a joke. I can’t follow what the professor is talking about half the time–I don’t think he even knows half the time. Plus neither one of these guys can figure out  how to work the damn computer…I mean COME ON! It’s powerpoint and VLC–it’s not that complicated. You can’t figure out how to do the same thing you do every week. AHHHHH Also…side note–I have a really hard time concentrating because I have friends that either try to draw on my notes, talks to me during class or they  play incessantly with their hair while sitting in front of me. Ahhh. Ok rant over for now.


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