Opening Up and Leaving the Hate Behind


I have spent so much time during my life hating people that have hurt me–holding grudges against old friends. I don’t really know what happened this past year but so much of me has changed. I’ve decided to let go of all this hatred in my heart and let me tell you…it feels great. I sent e-mails to two of my old best friends that I had huge falling outs with just letting them know how after all these years, I’m over it. Not in a bad way but just in the way that I’ve put everything behind me and I’m not dwelling on the past any longer. They were best friends at a time when I needed them to be and everything that has happened led to where I am now. I try not to regret anything that has happened in my life because every little decision or experience has led me here. I think I’m pretty happy with where I’m at with my life now and who knows what the world will throw at me next. I just hope that I am ready for anything.






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